Special machines

Whether you are optimising complex production processes, manufacturing special components or looking for customised solutions for your individual requirements – our special machines are the answer to your needs. With decades of experience and a highly qualified team of engineers, we offer you customised solutions that take your production to a new level.

We understand that every company and every product is unique and has individual requirements. That is why we develop special machines that are perfectly tailored to your needs. From conception to installation, we are at your side to ensure that your specific requirements are met.





Palletising cell

For automated pallet assembly, we offer a complete solution in the form of a free-standing robot cell.

Both the number and the arrangement of the pallet spaces can be variably adapted to your requirements.

The robotic tool is designed based on the product to be stacked. It doesn’t matter whether a single workpiece or several workpieces are processed in one cycle.

Placing intermediate layers is also no problem.

If desired, automatic pallet feed and removal or a pallet magazine can also be implemented.

High-performance shrink tunnel for tabs

More and more dishwasher tabs are being packaged in water-soluble films. With our hot air tunnel, these films can be shrunk at up to 400°C with an output of 1,500 pieces/min and adapted to the shape of the tab.

The shrink tunnel is equipped with quality control as standard. This is done with the help of a high-speed camera.

Optionally, depending on the ambient conditions, energy recovery can be implemented with a savings potential of approx. 30%.