Securing, refining, preserving.

Sleeving machines from Berning are modular, practically designed and user- and maintenance-friendly. Their ease of use and very robust technology make them suitable for all common applications and environmental conditions. We supply all types of shrink technology, after-treatments, quality controls and other peripherals up to the turnkey line to match each sleeve line.

BS 200

  • Our economical solution for applying tamper-evident seals.
  • Diameter 10-100 mm
  • Length 8-100 mm
  • Output > > 80 cycles/minute

BS 400

  • Our all-rounder for applying full-body sleeves and tamper-evident closures.
  • Diameter 10-190 mm
  • Length 8-370 mm
  • Output > > 250 cycles/minute

BS 600

  • Our solution for the application of full-body sleeves and tamper-evident closures in the medium performance range.
  • Diameter 30-160 mm
  • Length 30-370 mm
  • Output > > 300 cycles/minute

BS 700

  • Our high-end machine for the application of full-body sleeves and tamper-evident closures in the high-performance range.
  • Diameter 30-210 mm
  • Length 30-370 mm
  • Output > > 600 cycles/minute

BS 1.000

  • Our horizontal sleeving machine for horizontal products.
  • Diameter 7-50 mm
  • Length 15-200 mm
  • Output > > 80 cycles/minute

Contract manufacturing

In our contract manufacturing we finish products according to specifications with tamper-evident closures, half-body as well as full-body sleeves With our wet and dry steam and hot air lines, we are able to respond to all your requirements and handle your orders in compliance with quality and hygiene regulations. If required, we offer a full service including design and procurement of sleeve material through to individual sorting and packaging.