We give a face to products.
Berning manufactures sleeve machines,
shrinking equipment, packaging machines,
taping machines and special machines
The product is the point.
The products and the people are the key to success for every company.
As a system supplier we provide our customers with a wide portfolio of machines and services to ensure their success.
Apart from sleeve machines, shrink tunnels, and adhesive tape machines including all peripheral equipment we are noted experts in producing special machines. For this reason we can present solutions for most technical challenges don't matter from wich industry they may come from.

Berning is known for Project Management, Engineering and Planning.

We are committed to our customers, employees, and society and take social and ecological responsibility and this we have done sustainably for more than 100 years:

1888          Foundation of the parent company Rafflenbeul
1943          Foundation of Alfred Berning KG
1955          Entering the mechanical engineering sector
1960          First adhesive tape machine
1989          Renamed to Berning Maschinenfabrik GmbH
1994          First sleeve machine
2002          Setting up contract manufacturing
present    Berning is a flexible, efficient and reliable partner for his customers.

Berning - Products & Services

  • Machinery and Plant Engineering

    • Sleeve machines which are highlighting your products.

      Don't matter if your products are shaped round, oval or angular: We have the perfect solution for your requirements.

      The Berning sleeve machines stand for flexibility, high efficiency as well as their economic viability.
      They are designed as a modular system, application-specific designed (eg. Hygiene requirements) and maintenance friendly.

      BS 200
      Our economic solution for applying tamper-evident closures.
      Diameter 10-100 mm
      Length 8-100 mm
      Performance > 80 cycles/min.*

      BS 400
      Our allrounder - for applying full body sleeves and tamper-evident closures.
      Diameter 10-190 mm
      Length 8-370 mm
      Performance > 250 cycles/min.*

      BS 600
      Our solution for applying full-body sleeves and tamper-evident closures in the medium performance sector.
      Diameter 30-160 mm
      Length 30-370 mm
      Performance > 300 cycles/min.*

      BS 700
      Our high-end machine for applying full body sleeves and tamper-evident closures in the high performance sector.
      Diameter 30-210 mm
      Length 30-370 mm
      Performance > 600 cycles/min.*

      BS 1000
      Our horizontal sleeve machine for lying-down products.
      Diameter 7-50 mm
      Length 15-200 mm
      Performance > 80 cycles/min.*

      *Depending on product dimensions,-characteristics and sleeve quality.
    • Shrinking, Drying, Cleaning

      For shrinking tamper-evident closures and full body sleeves

      Berning shrink tunnels are low in noise, designed as a modular system and can be combined individually.
      They impress by their energy efficiency, heat insulation and ease of maintenance.

      Steam Tunnel

      For shrinking sleeves and moisturising of products.

      BH 14 Wet Steam
      Wet steam tunnel for standard applications, e.g. glass containers and filled products.

      BH 10 Dry Steam
      Highly developed dry steam tunnel, especially suitable for sensitive products and highest quality requirements; with optional energy recovery.

      Hot Air Tunnel

      For shrinking sleeves and drying of products.

      BH 2
      Simple exhaust air tunnel for shrinking- and drying tasks.

      BH 3
      Powerful and energy efficient circulating air tunnel for various applications.

      Blow off Tunnel

      For removing humidity (condensate) and contamination (dust).


      Tunnel for pre-heating, shrinking, and drying of products.

    • Taping-Machines

      A safe, precise and economical affair

      The well-proven Berning taping machines for self adhedsive tape are characterized by their robust technology and are suitable for all standard applications. These includes linear taping, tamper-evident /sealing closures, easy opening or collective packaging.

      Semi-automatic machine for manual feeding
      Diameter/Diagonal 20-600
      Height 12-400
      Performance > 15 cycles/min.*

      Fully automatic machine for inline processes
      Diameter/Diagonal 20-400
      Height 12-400
      Performance > 55 cycles/min.*

      Semi-automatic or fully automatic machine for linear taping
      Tape width up to 200 mm
      Performance > 100 m/min.

      *depending on product dimensions and -characteristics and tape quality
    • Special Machines

      Our customer specific solutions for various requirements.

      • Sleeve Line Periphery

        ▪ Quality Control
        ▪ Camera Systems
        ▪ Product Labelling
        ▪ Product Handling
        ▪ Sleeve Design and Procurement
        ▪ Steam Generator
        ▪ Water Treatment

      • Handling Technology

        ▪ Robotics
        ▪ Positioning- and Feeding Technology
        ▪ Stacking- and Unstacking Equipment
        ▪ Assembly Automation

      • Conveying Technology

        Standard and customized solutions for any and every requirement.

      • De-sleever

        For glass- and plastic products.
        Removal of sleeves for recycling and re-use purposes.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Sometimes appearance and glamour is making the difference!
    The decision what product to buy mostly is made with the first view. Wrapping is the crucial factor.

    In our contract manufacturing we finish products according to specifications with tamper-evident closures, half-body and full-body sleeves. By use of our wet- , dry steam and hot air lines, we comply with all your requirements and carry out your orders by maintaining quality- and hygiene regulations. If required we offer a full service including the dimensioning and procurement of sleeve material. Individual sorting and packaging is possible too.

  • Engineering

    We set new standards in Mechanical Engineering
    ▪ Planning
    ▪ Design
    ▪ Cost-Benefit Analysis
    ▪ Energy Consumption Analysis
    ▪ Feasibility Study

  • Used Equipment

    no entries

Berning - Service

Karte Europe
We are always available for our customers and their machines - no matter where they are. Apart from our business headquarters in Frankenberg we have partners in many European countries and connections all over the world. To offer excellent service is a matter of course for us and does not end with the delivery of our machines.

On the contrary, this is where it really begins. After-sales service to us means to provide unrestricted support in every respect:

▪ Spare- and Format Parts
▪ Maintenance and Service
▪ Training
▪ Advice
▪ Reconstruction, Extension

Berning - Information & News

Update yourself about interesting news around Berning.

Berning - Contact

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